Great NEWS : save the date

6 avr. 2023

Dear members, 

It's a great pleasure to announce that the Luxembourg Pickleball Commission (FLT) will organise the very first international tournament in Luxembourg. 

  • 13th october : singles woman and men
  • 14th october: doubles men and woman
  • 15th october: mixed doubles

We need your help: here are SIX things to help making this event a successfull one: (the 5th one is a HUGE one)

1 / Save the date in your Calendar: we hope to see a maximum of our members during this tournament.

2 /  follow us on facebook :

and on Instagram 


3 / invite your friends to follow us.

4 / TIPS to help to increase our visibility : 

A thumbs up DOESNT HELP on Facebook,  A HEART will have a real impact. Sharing and commenting is also a good thing.

On instagram, like and comment will help too.

5 / Play Pickleball as much as you can. We hope to have a maximum of you participating to this tournament.  You have 6 months to practice :-) 

6/ Tell us if you wish to be part of the working group to prepare this tournament. There is a lot of work and we will need volunteers. --> send an email to [email protected]

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